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Newborn Baby Gray Whale Near Anacapa Island

A rare encounter with a newborn baby gray whale this past week left us in awe as we watched it learn to swim and frolic in the water with its mother. Judging from its size and swimming ability, we figure it was only hours old…days at most.

As wildlife and nature photographers, we spend many hours searching, observing and waiting for the right moment, lighting, composition, etc.  This was a day when all the stars aligned and we were there, ready to capture it. The only thing to overcome at that point is the excitement and adrenaline knowing that we have something very special happening in front of us. That is when we are grateful for all the preparations we have made to be ready for the moment. It is fun for us to share the beauty we see that many cannot ever see first hand.

Chasing Perfection

Web VenturaPierBarrel_web IMG_0395web IMG_1462_web IMG_2438_web Aqua Curtain PierfectionThe past 5 mornings I have been up at 5am racing around gathering up my gear, a sunrise shot a little different than my usual landscape image. The shot I am after is a perfect shot from inside a California barrel looking out at a beautiful west coast sunrise. It is an Image that has been captured by many other photographers for as long as cameras have been incased in water proof housings. As with most visions of perfection this one has proved to be a bit of a challenge 🙂

Perfection seems to have many faces…:) Now I am not sure the goal that seemed so obvious a mere 5 days ago, will ever be achieved!