Wave Art

Using Art to Create Emotion

AFTER- Energizing workspace. 30″x60″ “Winter Storm” Metal Print

We underestimate the impact that our surroundings have on us.  The clutter, emptiness and everything in-between, all change how we move and respond in our space.  Have you ever noticed how your body responds to visual stimulation? We feel happier when we see a reminder of pleasant memories, relaxed when we see landscapes, or pain when we see images of suffering.  Art connects you to the experience you wish to create in the space.

Take the time to think about how you want to feel in the room.  Do you want an oasis for your master suite because it is the only space that is yours?

AFTER- Your own oasis.  33″x33″ “Lovely Petals”


Is your work space uninspiring and you never seem to want to be in it?

AFTER- Inspiring and inviting workstation.  33″x50″ “Sunstreaks” Modern Wood Print


Do you spend hours on end in the kitchen and need a rich view of the outdoors to keep you from going stir-crazy?

AFTER- Transporting scenic for daydreaming. 30″x60″ “Lasting Layers” Metal Print


Are your patients cringing by the time they see you because they have been staring at stressful medical posters?

BEFORE- Treatment room overload!

Studies show local scenic photography calms patients and reduces the need for medication.

AFTER- Relaxing escape. 30″x90″ “Purple Mountain Majesty” on Canvas

What do you want to feel?  Create your own reality, with art!