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Videos of our work and on the road and “behind the scenes” with Steve and Stephanie

Mother Whale and Mother Dolphin Introduce Their Babies

Beautiful aerial drone footage of two new mothers introducing their precious babies!
Captured just of the coast of Po’ipu, Kauai in March of 2016, by Steve Munch, an environmental photographer based on the island of Kauai. Each year he photographs and videos the humpbacks visiting Kauai. He had been carefully observing this new mother for a couple of days. On this special morning, she had her new baby and this curious dolphin mother who had also been staying close by, couldn’t wait to have the two meet.
Watch closely as the interaction is fascinating. The whale sounds were recorded the next day in the same area as this video was captured.

Newborn Baby Gray Whale Near Anacapa Island

A rare encounter with a newborn baby gray whale this past week left us in awe as we watched it learn to swim and frolic in the water with its mother. Judging from its size and swimming ability, we figure it was only hours old…days at most.

As wildlife and nature photographers, we spend many hours searching, observing and waiting for the right moment, lighting, composition, etc.  This was a day when all the stars aligned and we were there, ready to capture it. The only thing to overcome at that point is the excitement and adrenaline knowing that we have something very special happening in front of us. That is when we are grateful for all the preparations we have made to be ready for the moment. It is fun for us to share the beauty we see that many cannot ever see first hand.

Latitudes Fine Art Photography Gallery in Ventura CA. Located at 401 E. Main Street.

Latitudes Gallery Promo Video

This new video gives you a peek at Latitudes Gallery in Ventura, California. Quick interviews of Stephanie Hogue and Steve Munch are blended with stills and video footage that they have created on the ocean and on land. Their work is permanently on display and for sale at their downtown Ventura location.


Sea Lion Pup Rescue Ventura Harbor Village

A stranded and emaciated California Sea Lion Pup was found outside our gallery on the rocks in the Ventura Marina. We called the local mammal rescue hotline, and learned of CIMWI- The Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute. They do an incredible job of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife in need of help:

Sea Lion Pup #13

Sea Lion Pup #13