Blank Wall

Bored with Bland?

Lately we are hearing the same thing from gallery customers.

“We just finished remodeling, its all shades of gray and white and it’s… nice… but we need some color!”

Is your monochromatic space feeling a little bland?

It’s a common problem. People see the rooms that are on trend right now and think:

“That’s what I need! I need to feel relaxed and less stressed. That will do it!”

But there is looking at a room and living in a room. Once the reality on living in a monochromatic space sets in, it may not be the sweet spot you thought it was. Maybe for you, it’s slightly off.

Sometimes, the crisp empty white spaces that seem so peaceful, end up feeling… well, boring.

The truth is, everyone is different. Everyone needs different things and responds to color and space differently. Why would we expect our experiences to feel the same too?

The simplest way to fix this blah feeling, is to pop in some color with a focal point and small accents.

Select a focal point, and pull colors from it into the space.

Select a piece of art with the colors and subject that create the emotion you want to feel. Then, pull those emotion-evoking colors through the space in throw pillows, blankets, candles, vases, etc. Layer those emotion colors in with the monochromatic base and you have an easy to update, very personalized space that is precisely on point for YOU.