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Arts & Eats Event- “Explore Our Channel Islands” Collection

There is something about exploring the Channel Islands National Park that makes me feel like a kid on a wild adventure.

Islands that are so close to home yet so remote and removed from the grind of everyday life, Santa Cruz and Anacapa islands really are a place where you can let go and escape, even if for just a day.

Being on the islands inspires me to capture it’s unique beauty.  I love photographing the rugged golden cliffs and wildlife.  Recently I flew over four of the islands on a helicopter and got a birds eye view…their untouched beauty took my breath away. Truly majestic!

Join us at Latitudes for an exciting evening celebrating the wild and natural beauty of “Our Channel Islands”. Often referred to as “America’s Galapagos”, the Channel Islands National Park, located just off the Ventura coast. It encompasses 5 remarkable islands and their ocean environment, with unique animals, plants and archaeological resources found nowhere else on earth.

 The art collection highlights new aerial photographs of the islands by Stephanie Hogue and classic favorites by Steve Munch.

 In collaboration with Channel Islands Park Foundation, we welcome two island experts to share exciting info and stories.

-The President of the foundation, Marcella Klein-Williams, to share insights and information about the islands.

-Ken McAlpine, author of “Islands Apart: A Year on the Edge of Civilization,” will be available to discuss his journey through California’s Channel Islands National Park.

 20% of all proceeds during the event will be donated to the Channel Islands Park Foundation and all purchases over $20 will receive an event-exclusive gift with purchase.

Neighbor’s Night Out- Hosted by Latitudes

We are excited to be hosting the upcoming Anchor Magazine’s Neighbor’s Night Out!  Anchor Magazine serves the neighborhoods of Channel Islands Harbor and has a great publication focused on creating and strengthening the community.  You know we never miss an opportunity to hang out with our Latitudes Family!  Don’t miss out!

Chasing Perfection

Web VenturaPierBarrel_web IMG_0395web IMG_1462_web IMG_2438_web Aqua Curtain PierfectionThe past 5 mornings I have been up at 5am racing around gathering up my gear, a sunrise shot a little different than my usual landscape image. The shot I am after is a perfect shot from inside a California barrel looking out at a beautiful west coast sunrise. It is an Image that has been captured by many other photographers for as long as cameras have been incased in water proof housings. As with most visions of perfection this one has proved to be a bit of a challenge 🙂

Perfection seems to have many faces…:) Now I am not sure the goal that seemed so obvious a mere 5 days ago, will ever be achieved!