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Art Gallery Question Of The Week – Image Integrity

“Heroin’s Icy Curl”, photographed by Steve Munch in Kauai’s rich waters.

As art consultants, we are often asked what is possible in our gallery. Each week we will highlight a FAQ on our blog to help you get the most out of your art shopping experience.

Q: Do you Photoshop or “filter” your images to get those bright colors?

A: No, we try to stay authentic to the original integrity of the image.  Any images you see with especially vivid colors were shot with special film that brings out those colors.  We time our photographs to maximize the lighting and natural play of colors. Mother nature is pretty amazing, we are lucky to share how we see this beautiful world.

“Ventura Sunrise” and “Two Trees” by Steve Munch, photographed with Fuji Velvia film:

“Harbor Cove” by Stephanie Hogue, photographed in late afternoon sun at low tide, causing exquisite clarity and color variation in the Ventura Harbor water:  “Harbor Sunset” by Stephanie Hogue, captures a gorgeous winter sunset as it is mirrored in the water:


Art Gallery Question Of The Week – Printing On Wood

40″x60″ “Foamy Flute” Artisan Wood with Horizontal Slats

As art consultants, we are often asked what is possible in our gallery. Each week we will highlight a FAQ on our blog to help you get the most out of your art shopping experience.

Q: How do you get the images on wood?

A: We have a local wood artist carve and shape the foundation. The edges and surface are prepped and the image is printed with a specially formulated ink, directly onto the finished wood foundation.  Yes, it is a big printer!

30″x72″ “La Playa Pier” Artisan Wood with Vertical Slats

Latitudes owner and artist Stephanie Hogue hard at work preparing a wood foundation for a custom order.

40″x60″ “Pastel Dunes” Artisan Wood with Horizontal Slats

40″x40″ “Morning Light” Artisan Wood, Solid

Art Gallery Question Of The Week – Special Order Timeline

As art consultants, we are often asked what is possible in our gallery. Each week we will highlight a FAQ on our blog to help you get the most out of your art shopping experience.

Q: How long does it take to get a special order?

A: Since we do most of our printing in-house, our turnaround time is only about 2 weeks for prints, acrylic, and canvas. 3 weeks for metal, and  4-6 weeks for wood depending on what foundations we have in stock.  If you have a special occasion or a firm deadline, we can often get your item in time, even if it is less than the usual turnaround, just ask!

Art Gallery Question Of The Week – Who is the Photographer

As art consultants, we are often asked what is possible in our gallery. Each week we will highlight a FAQ on our blog to help you get the most out of your art shopping experience.

Q: Who takes these photos? Do you accept other artists?

A: All of the photos are by just two people, Stephanie Hogue and Steve Munch, the gallery owners and photographers.

Both Stephanie and Steve were professional photographers before they met, Steve already owned a small photography studio as well as a golf shop, and Stephanie was a popular wedding and portrait photographer.

The photographic universe kept bringing the artists together. They knew of each other for some time, but their paths didn’t cross until 2010 when Steve ran across the street in front of Stephanie’s car.  They were both in the harbor to photograph the snow-capped mountains and the resulting images were “Mighty Chieftain” and “Snow-caps and Sunshine.”

“Mighty Chieftain” by Steve Munch

The next day fate worked it’s magic again as they were seated next to each other at dinner and Stephanie’s husband, Jim, who knew Steve from the golf shop and photo lab, made the introduction.

“Snowcaps and Sunshine” by Stephanie Hogue

It so happened that both of them needed what the other offered: inspiration and knowledge.  That was serendipitous beginning to this artistic duo joining forces and becoming the photography team known as Latitudes.  We are so happy they did!

Arts & Eats Event- “Explore Our Channel Islands” Collection

There is something about exploring the Channel Islands National Park that makes me feel like a kid on a wild adventure.

Islands that are so close to home yet so remote and removed from the grind of everyday life, Santa Cruz and Anacapa islands really are a place where you can let go and escape, even if for just a day.

Being on the islands inspires me to capture it’s unique beauty.  I love photographing the rugged golden cliffs and wildlife.  Recently I flew over four of the islands on a helicopter and got a birds eye view…their untouched beauty took my breath away. Truly majestic!

Join us at Latitudes for an exciting evening celebrating the wild and natural beauty of “Our Channel Islands”. Often referred to as “America’s Galapagos”, the Channel Islands National Park, located just off the Ventura coast. It encompasses 5 remarkable islands and their ocean environment, with unique animals, plants and archaeological resources found nowhere else on earth.

 The art collection highlights new aerial photographs of the islands by Stephanie Hogue and classic favorites by Steve Munch.

 In collaboration with Channel Islands Park Foundation, we welcome two island experts to share exciting info and stories.

-The President of the foundation, Marcella Klein-Williams, to share insights and information about the islands.

-Ken McAlpine, author of “Islands Apart: A Year on the Edge of Civilization,” will be available to discuss his journey through California’s Channel Islands National Park.

 20% of all proceeds during the event will be donated to the Channel Islands Park Foundation and all purchases over $20 will receive an event-exclusive gift with purchase.

Art Gallery Question Of The Week – Size Options

As art consultants, we are often asked what is possible in our gallery. Each week we will highlight a FAQ on our blog to help you get the most out of your art shopping experience.

Q: Can I get this image bigger/smaller/on any material?

A:  Yes, all of our images are available in any size and on any of our materials. We can customize to fit your space.  The artwork consultants at Latitudes will guide you through your options and any limitations.

Example: “Wooden Pier”

2:3 Ratio (The original ratio for this image)

1:2 Ratio1:3 Panoramic Ratio

Give us a call today or stop by the gallery.  We can’t wait to help you “find yours.”



Art Gallery Question Of The Week – Print Longevity

As art consultants, we are often asked what is possible in our gallery. Each week, we will highlight a FAQ on our blog to help you get the most out of your art shopping experience.

Q: How long will your artwork last?

A: We use the highest quality and long lasting inks available today. Often referred to as giclee prints,  the process is the same whether we are printing on paper, canvas or wood.  Giclee prints will hold up for decades in an optimal environment.


Give An Unforgettable Gift of heART

Give an unforgettable gift of heart this Valentine’s Day

Tired of the same old Valentine’s Day? This year, wow them with art! Unlike flowers or chocolate, a piece of art will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. Just like love… art keeps on giving.

Need some ideas? We’ve put together some special Valentine’s Day bundles just for you!
Only available now through the 14th.

~Special Gift Bundles~

Select your choice of in-stock items:

1. A 5″x7″ Photo Notecard, 4″ Tile, & a Mini-Pano Lustre Print- $24 (a $34 value!)

2. 5″x7″ Photo Notecard, 4″ Tile,  Mini-Pano, & a 10″x10″ Modern Wood Print- $64 (a $80 value!)

3. 5″x7″ Photo Notecard, 4″ Tile, & a 12″x18″ Artisan Wood Print- $144 (a $184 value!)

Love from the Latitudes Team

P.S. – Don’t miss out! These bundles are only available for a limited time.
Not sure what to give? See our fabulous art consultants who will help you find the perfect gift of heART.

Our Favorite Things

We spend so much time focusing on finding the perfect thing for our Latitudes customers, that often we overlook our own homes!  So we are sharing some of our “Favorite Things” with you and finally designing our own walls.


“In 2017 I am definitely going to surround myself in nature’s beauty.  I want to start first with my favorite recent dunes photograph from the shores near my home. I like it so much on wood…it creates the natural and rustic feel that I like for my home, lots of natural materials and texture give it the warmth that I love.”

Stephanie’s Favorite- 40″x60″ “Seaside Sunset” Artisan Wood Print“I love to decorate with warmth and texture”

“The living room in our Kauai Condo is usually decorated with my surf boards and gear.  I have had a few images on this wall but it has been sitting empty for awhile.  I love “Foamy Flute” in a canvas triptych…it just makes me feel good.”

Steve’s Favorite- 30″x60″ “Foamy Flute” Gallery Wrap Canvas Triptych.“Foamy Flute just makes me feel good.”

“We have always had this awkward niche in our home where nothing ever quite felt right.  As the entry focal point it needs to be big & bold, and with two story high ceilings it’s hard to update the look.  I love Stephanie’s new “Matador Beach” because of the motion of the water and the glow of the sun. The colors are just right to tie into the caramel & sand wall color accents and variety of wood tones in this space.  Canvas wrap is so versatile, it works perfectly with my eclectic style.”

Tasha’s Favorite- 72″x 108″ “Matador Beach” Gallery Wrap Canvas Triptych.
“This niche needed wow factor.”

Living in one of Ventura’s victorian homes, it’s been challenging arranging furniture and finding proper wall spaces to display my artwork.  When I studied Marine Biology, I fell deeply in love with Orcas, and although I have never had the opportunity to see one in the wild, they are one of my favorite marine mammals because of their agility and intelligence. I’m in awe that Steve Munch was able to capture an Orca right off of our coast near the Channel Islands.  My medium of choice is acrylic for “Orca at Arch Rock” due to it’s ability to translate a swift moving animal so clearly.”

Alex’s Favorite- 40″x60″ “Orca at Arch Rock” Acrylic“One day I hope to be as lucky and see one of these beautiful beings with my own eyes, but for now, I love seeing the Orca through his.”

“Two Trees, Topa Topa” has long been a favorite image of ours. I especially like that these two iconic geographical features are seemingly at the same elevation. And who could resist that special moment of the day when the sky turns every color but blue? The framed signature series not only added a little dimension to the mounted canvas, but also gave the living room a finished feel. We love coming home to this beautiful scene and are so glad we “found ours!”

Kimberly’s Favorite- 24″x72″ “Topa Topa Two Trees” Premium Framed Canvas“We love coming home to this beautiful scene.”

Pantone Color of the Year 2017- Greenery

“The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.” 

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 has arrived, and with it, a breath of fresh air.  We couldn’t agree more with their sentiments about this luscious hue.  In the gallery we often find people come in just to relax and remind themselves of the beauty in our surroundings.

Ventura county certainly hit the mother nature jackpot.  In the last month alone, we’ve had monster surf, sunny spring days, snow covered Topa Topa Mountains, and weeks of pouring rain gifting us with green hillsides and Channel Islands reminiscent of Ireland.  Does it get any better?  Bring the outdoors in this year, and reconnect with one of Latitudes images in this refreshing hue- “Greenery”.