Living a Blessed Life

Robert’s newly remodeled bathroom showcasing 4, 36″x24″ images: “Green Sea Turtle”, “Spinner Dolphins”, “Mr. Lucky”, and “Wave Jumping”.

We are blessed with some of the most wonderful customers in the world.  Art is about surrounding yourself with what you love, and we get to help make that happen every day!  One of our very favorite customers was Robert Tully.  He passed away earlier this year and we wanted to pay tribute to what he called “The Camarillo Latitudes”.

48″x72″ “Island Drifter” Wrapped Canvas Print

One of my favorite memories of Robert, was when we were sizing art.  I would tape out the size I thought was a good starting point.  He would stare at the wall with a contemplative look, which was my cue to go bigger.  So, I would tape out the next size up and watch his face light up.  He wanted to feel as though he was in the water– every moment of every day.

“Flying in Formation” 40″x120″ Wrapped Canvas

In February, we finally completed placing a maximum-sized image in every room of his house, including the laundry room, with his total Latitudes images totaling 14.  His walls were filled only with treasured family photos and our photography.  We planned a party to show off his “gallery” and celebrate.

“Inspiration Point” 30″x60″ and “Arch Rock” 48″x72″ Wrapped Canvas Triptychs.

When I checked in a couple weeks later and asked how he liked his pieces, this was his reply:

Late at night, if you are quiet, you can hear the sounds of dolphins surfacing for a breath of air, and sea waves colliding with surf, and sea birds squawk as they land at distant locations.  The sound of massive sea turtle flippers, as they swish through ever changing shades of blue-green waters… Gentle giants…

Then you awake, and think, “Oh my, I was dreaming…”

You walk the hallway, and discover the carpet is damp with sea salt, with the scent of ocean air….

Then you well know….You have been in the “The Twilight Zone”,  in the sea world of King Neptune…

You have been blessed….


We are blessed, Robert.  Thanks for showing us what it truly means to surround yourself with what you love, every day.

Robert & Steve, in front of his favorite image, a 48″x72″ “Stormy Pier”, December 2016