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Dolphin Photos

Here are a few highlights from our dolphin photography collection that is on display in our gallery– Latitudes Fine Art Gallery– in the Ventura Harbor Village. We spend a lot of time out in the Channel Islands National Park, photographing all the beautiful scenics and wildlife. Everyday is always so different and we never know what we will find but we are never disappointed.


The Ventura Pier is one of our favorite subjects. Everyday the pier looks different..all day long the light is changing, the weather, the tides…it is always exciting to see what new look it will provide.

Ventura Scenics

We feel so grateful to live here is Ventura County- this area of California is filled with natural beauty and variety and is less crowded than other coastal communities. There is always something beautiful to photograph.

October Workshops 2012

Photo Workshops with Steve MunchWe are planning a Santa Cruz Island Photo Adventure and a Motorcycle Race (on track) Photography Workshops coming up in the month of October!

 OCT 21 Santa Cruz Island Adventure: Join us for an all day excursion to Santa Cruz Island with Island Packers. Santa Cruz island is located in the Channel Islands National Park just off the coast of Ventura, CA. You will have the full attention of three professional photographers for the whole day. The morning will be filled with photo instruction and photographing wildlife such as dolphins, sea birds and seal lions on our way out to the island. We will go onto the island for lunch and more photography. Steve Munch, Stephanie Hogue and Will Edwards will be your guides and photography instructors. We recommend a digital SLR camera and perhaps a tripod for some of the shots we will do on the island.

Workshop fee: $295 8am-4pm

OCT 15-17 “On Track ” Motorcycle Racing Photography Instruction with Steve Munch:  An amazing opportunity to get on to a professional motorcycle race track and photograph alongside one of the best in the business. Shoot side by side with Steve Munch, personal photographer for Jason Pridmore: Team AMA National Guard

You will learn the specialized techniques for photographing the high speed world of super bikes. With unparalleled track access, Steve will guide you thorough the secrets to getting stunning shots in an action packed and intense environment. This is a one day workshop and will be limited to six students each day.

Workshop fee: $295/day 8am-4pm


We have been shooting with large format film again! After many years of gathering dust, we have brought out the big cameras again. It is so fun to slow down and meticulously compose an image. Shooting film really makes you think twice before you click the shutter. Looking forward to sharing some of our favorites…here is our first!

Our Gallery in Downtown Ventura

Latitudes Fine Art Photography Gallery in Ventura CA. Located at 401 E. Main Street.

Latitudes gallery in Ventura, California

Our beautiful gallery in the downtown Ventura on the corner of Oak and Main. We have a beautiful 100 year old brick building with huge walls and wide open front doors.

401 E. Main Street
Ventura, CA 93001
Hours: 11am-6pm Daily (Winter Hours)
open until 10pm on Friday & Saturdays


iPhone Americana Photos

Nothing like a county fair to get you feeling nostalgic for childhood. I have to credit my i-phone for getting me out and photographing for fun again. After 18 years working as a professional and always having to make clients happy, it had become pretty rare that I would pull out my camera to shoot when I wasn’t “working”.  Then about three years ago when I purchased an i-phone and realized that it had a pretty amazing camera in it I found myself pulling it out to shoot with on the occasions when I didn’t have my “big” camera.  I ended up shooting a little of “this and that” anywhere I went and was slowly becoming re-inspired as a photographer.  These images, all shot on my i-phone were the result of that summer. Since then, I have completely embraced photography again as a creative expression for myself and am enjoying shooting all sorts of cameras. My latest adventure is with a beautiful little 4×5 field camera!! —Yes- a large format FILM camera….Images from that sweet little thing will be coming soon! 🙂

xo Stephanie